Alstroemeria, Locally grown Flowers



Alstroemeria  – a “cool” crop to grow and even “cooler” to put in a vase in your home !

Originally grown by the Inca’s in South America.

Dave Cross’s family have been growing Alstroemeria for over 30 years, in Barnham, surviving the great storm in 1987 when every pane of glass in the nursery was broken and the greenhouse was torn away by the wind.

Dave has continued to grow the same crop, but in a very different way to how his father grew it and it is a much “greener” plant to produce today.

Over the years Dave has learned to reduce the heat as much as possible, originally to keep costs down, he soon realised that the plants are healthier as a result because they are not forced to grow so fast, so less stems are produced for sale, but the plant lasts for many more years.

Dave  soon realised that he did not have any significant pests and diseases in his cooler crop, so why not put the leaves and stems in the greenhouse on the paths ? This saved him labour and made sure that the paths between the beds did not lose valuable heat and moisture. No need for a compost heap !

Dave also sprinkles local wood chip around the base of each plant at planting time and this also helps keep heat and moisture in the ground and weedfree.