Baird’s local English Beef Pure bred not Thoroughbred !!


Beef Cattle

James Baird devoted to producing better beef.

I have worked with cattle since I was a teenager; from helping out at calving time to training bulls to be shown in the ring.

We kept pedigree beef cattle to be sold as breeding stock and sold surplus stock through our butchers shop.

Our Highland cattle were reared to produce the finest tasting beef

but their 3 year fattening time meant that they could not be

finished within the strict 30 month rules that were brought in to

combat BSE; so it was with great sadness that they had to go.
















I continued to farm beef until the summer of 2000 when I decided to call it a day after years of poor prices due to the impact of BSE. 2 months after the last of our cattle went, Foot and Mouth hit the headlines and I felt very relieved not be suffering the anxiety of producers up and down the country.

My interest in beef cattle has taken me all over the world and I have made a great many friends; I have visited ranches in Texas, South Dakota, Philadelphia, New Zealand, Australia, and farms in Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain. I have imported cattle from France and Bull Semen from many countries and I am (amongst other things) a qualified inseminator of Cattle.

Last year, with my children showing more interest in our Farm, I decided to take my youngest, Edward, to Hailsham Market to show him what happened at a Market and we came home with our first 3 steers, since then we have been back and bought more.

Eddie calls them ‘The Greedy Bulls’. We are now growing these locally born cattle on our Farm in Clymping, grazing our Scheduled Monument pastures. They will be kept for a minimum of 12 months being winter housed and fed on local barley, hay and waste vegetables and potatoes from the Farm Shop. Our nearest Abattoir is Southern Traditional Meats in Henfield which has a compassionate approach and is very popular with local cattle farmers.

My beef will hang at the Farm Shop for a minimum of 21 days and will not be sold at any premium to our other excellent local beef.

Why won’t I charge a premium, because I am just a link in a very important chain?












If you buy Supermarket beef, do you know who you are supporting?

It’s not wrong to support Farmers anywhere in the world, but think about the environmental impact. I once visited a homestead in Australia and the beef was poor, so we compared notes on our

Methods; My Beef will not always be available, but it will be great, I will make sure it is; if you would like to buy it you will need to pre-order it to ensure that you don’t miss out. My beef will be proudly displayed in the Farm Shop so that you can come and see it maturing.

Thank you for supporting me and other Sussex Farmers.

James Baird